Our journey and how it began.

The company

STACKIT was launched in 2018 to drive the transformation within the schwarz group forward with an internal high-performance cloud and colocation infrastructure. The innovative unit focuses on finding solutions for the operations of the group’s retail business units Lidl and Kaufland, as well as other companies in the schwarz group.

STACKIT successfully offers the four dedicated data centers in germany (Ellhofen, Weinsberg, Neckarsulm) and Austria (Ostermiething), which provide security and reliability to the group.

From mid of 2021, the robust internal cloud services will also be made available to other companies. This expands STACKIT’s business model to include secure and scalable infrastructure and platform services (IaaS and PaaS).

To execute the internal transformation, STACKIT uses the existing IT resources from Schwarz IT that are required to run the group’s retail business units and divisions. As STACKIT is required to meet high quality standards for internal retail operations, STACKIT services for external customers guarantee secure and robust digital processes across a wide range of industries.

Your partner for a digital future

We are the central IT partner for the entire schwarz group

With our data centers and public cloud infrastructure, which we developed internally, we have been supporting the schwarz group in successfully driving the digital transformation forward right from the word go.

We are a reliable partner for your digital transformation process

Thanks to our excellent products and many years of experience, no digitalization strategy is too complex for us. We guarantee security, stability and focus.

We are a partner with experience

We have complete confidence in what our products can do. From mid of 2021, we are offering our cutting-edge infrastructure and tried-and-tested services to small and medium-sized German businesses.

Schwarz IT

Behind STACKIT is Schwarz IT KG, the central IT service provider for the schwarz group, which includes companies such as Lidl and Kaufland, as well as businesses in production and recycled materials management.

The group has maintained an upward trajectory for many years. But successful growth can only be sustained long term if downstream areas grow at the same pace and have the capacity to achieve this.

Since the successful realignment in May 2019, today’s Schwarz IT KG with its more than 3.600 employees has positioned itself as a crucial central area within the schwarz group.

The number of locations worldwide adds to the complexity of the task at hand: 12.500 stores and warehouses in over 33 countries rely on seamless support for their retail operations every single day.

Schwarz IT’s focus is therefore on,

  • providing, managing and developing the IT infrastructure
  • operating dedicated data centers in germany and austria
  • developing and deploying modern data analysis tools
  • driving forward machine learning.

Where we come from

The Schwarz Group

With net sales of over EUR 113 billion, the Schwarz Group, which includes the Lidl and Kaufland retail chains as well as its own production and recycling business unit, is currently the largest food retailer in europe.

Globally, the group has over 12.500 stores across more than 33 countries and around 460.000 employees.

The Schwarz Group has a reputation in europe as a strong, innovative company that is actively shaping the digital future, seeking to further consolidate its leading role in the market.

Current memberships in
associations and federation.

STACKIT demonstrates through its involvement in associations and federation
that knowledge transfer and support around topics such as digital transformation and cloud computing are important regional and international topics.

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