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Partnership | twogo & STACKIT – Sustainable Mobility meets the Cloud

Partnerships should be like they are in real life: consistent, built on mutual trust and cherished.Along with twogo – the smart ride-sharing platform for daily commutes, we’ve been in just this kind of partnership for over a year now.By making carpools easier to arrange, twogo is fostering sustainable corporate mobility within the Schwarz Group and also among corporate customers and municipalities….

Partnership | Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut and STACKIT: two strong problem solvers for the economy

When AI and IoT meet, something very promising for the future can come out of it. When the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute presented the idea of an AIoT Lab on the Heilbronn educational campus, we at STACKIT didn’t have to think twice and signed a sponsorship agreement to realize the digitization and technology project.What exactly happens there?During the course of the project, various industrial use…

Without big words – STACKIT simply explained

In this video, you will learn everything about Schwarz IT’s motives for building a own secure and stable cloud. With the STACKIT Cloud, nothing stands in the way of the digital transformation of the entire Schwarz Group. And the best thing is that external companies can also benefit from our cloud.So just take a look. These 3.23 min are definitely well invested: Just take a look. These 3.23 min are…

Exciting insights at

Our presentation “From Supermarket to Cloud Provider – How the Schwarz Group transforms its IT” opened exciting insights from Schwarz IT respectively STACKIT at the presentation included the following questions:1. Where does the Schwarz Group’s IT stand today in terms of cloud?2. What is the Schwarz Group’s strategy for the cloud up to 2025?3. What is the status of the Mongo DB as a…

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Certified Kubernetes provider

From now on you can find in our Portfolio the robust, scalable and fully managed Kubernetes service in a BETA Version. The services ist for the deployment and management of containerized applications.


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